Teaching/Private Lessons


Teaching Philosophy

Educators are one of the most important elements of any society, and I work daily to live up to this standard. I feel the best teachers are themselves perpetual students and as such, I am continually learning and growing from my teaching experiences. Through music I seek to instill a sense of wonder, enjoyment and fulfillment in every student, ultimately helping them both find their voice and feel comfortable expressing it. 

As a studio teacher, I cherish the one-on-one time I have with each student. In lessons, I work to create a deep understanding and love of playing, focus on the development of strong practice habits, and help guide students towards a physically efficient and relaxed playing style. I also instill self-sufficiency through consistent focus on problem-solving skills and self-reflection. Most importantly, I believe each student should develop a strong technical foundation. Through detailed focus on scales, arpeggios, and other skill-specific studies, students gain confidence and a freedom of expression.  

While each student follows a similar progression through a basic technique curriculum, their individual paths will vary. In discovering what each student needs en route to their success, I tailor each lesson to their specific needs and learning styles. Every student possesses certain strengths, and I nurture these while at the same time pushing them to attain loftier goals. In addition to instilling a solid technical foundation, I encourage my students to regard themselves as both teaching and performing artists right from the start. Together we select repertoire that is both challenging and desirable, and through this process each student begins to develop and cultivate their artistic voice. 

Music is more than just notes on a page- it is a universal medium that connects humanity, and my goal as a teaching artist is to help create these connections for my students.

 Lastly, I see my students as equal partners in the learning process. I expect them to take an active role in their lessons, having done detailed reflection and self-evaluation beforehand, and coming to each lesson with an inquisitive and open mind. I believe a teacher should act as a guide rather than an authority. We are all works in-progress, and can both teach and be taught by one another. 

Private Lessons

Please contact me if you are interested in private viola or violin lessons in the Boston, MA or South Shore area. Lessons are available for beginners through adults at 30 minute, 45 minute, or 1 hour intervals in either English or Spanish. I am also available for masterclasses and seminars.

El Sistema & Teaching

I am fortunate to teach at a núcleo in Acarigua, Venezuela.  My experiences there have transformed my teaching, and opened my eyes to the world of El Sistema. If you are interested in learning about this worldwide phenomenon, please see the link above, or check out El Sistema USA for local opportunities in your community.